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This partnership elevates the Group to the position of world leader in the protective equipment
market for extreme sports (motorcycles, bikes and outdoor pursuits).

Trailblazers in the design and production of motorcycle equipment (helmets, specialized clothing and protection products), the 2Ride Group is proud to announce a major merger with Troy Lee Designs, a well-established brand in the world of mountain biking, BMX and motocross.

Troy Lee Designs helmets are instantly recognizable due to their sharp look, distinct colors, and graphical designs. The two entities, under the umbrella of the 2Ride group, will now begin jointly developing innovative protection products and equipment for motorcycles, cycles and outdoor sports.

try lee

Sharing a common identity, both teams are excited to be able to unite their efforts and combine their significant expertise. In working together, they will aim to strengthen their strategic presence in the United States and Europe, which are key markets for 2Ride’s and Troy Lee Designs’ brands.

Troy Lee Designs apportera son expertise du marché américain tandis que 2Ride disposera d’une expérience significative en Europe. En associant leurs compétences, les deux entités souhaitent créer des produits de protection high-tech et design pour répondre aux attentes des divers marchés et conjuguer leurs distributions en optimisant les ressources internes et externes. M. Troy Lee restera pleinement investi dans les développements futurs du groupe.

Recently, the 2Ride R&D team fortified its know-how through the acquisition of C.R.E, a design and engineering studio – based in Brembate, Italy - specializing in personal protection products such as motorcycle helmets.  

The studio’s cross-sectorial expertise ranges from the design of a project to its communication, incorporating functional design, certification drawings, patents, consulting, R&D, reverse engineering and, last but not least, rapid prototyping.  

The addition of this solid resource will enable the 2Ride Group to create a vast array of innovative new products.


Why is this partnership so robust? Because it constitutes a blend of strengths and expertise within the same sector of activity, thereby avoiding any brand cannibalization. By boosting their skills, the two companies have significantly increased their power and their ability to adapt. This concentrated effort will enable them to develop in a global market.

Jason Steris, CEO de Troy Lee Designs et Christophe Sicaud, CEO de 2Ride Holding seront en charge avec les équipes de travailler à l’intégration globale de Troy Lee Designs au sein du groupe.

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Due to the global pandemic, the notion of individual mobility has never been more prominent, particularly in urban environments, which promises a bright future for the Group. The new Group recorded a turnover of €210 million in 2021, with 70% achieved in the motorcycle segment and 30% in the outdoor sports sector.

Europe will remain the Group’s core target market, but North America will now represent over 30% of its turnover.

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About Troy Lee Designs
Created by Troy Lee in 1980, TROY LEE DESIGNS is a globally recognized lifestyle brand beloved by all cycling and motorcycle enthusiasts. The brand offers top-of-the-range specialist equipment, designed for cycle sports and motorcycling. Combining an exclusive artistic approach and technical innovation, Troy Lee Design offers helmets, back protectors, body protection gear, and a clothing line, allowing its customers to exceed their limits in complete safety. Created for both amateur and professional riders, Troy Lee Designs helmets support and protect a host of international riders.

About 2Ride
2Ride is the parent company of Shark, Nolan, Segura, Bering and Cairn Sport. It is a key European player in the manufacture and distribution of protective equipment for motorcyclists and skiers. Its factories in Europe and Asia lets the group have a full control of its value chain.

SHARK is a major French motorcycle helmet brand, distributing its products in more than 75 countries. Founded by professional riders, Shark designs and produces helmets that guarantee high levels of performance and meet all safety standards. They support and protect the greatest international racers such as Johann Zarco, Miguel Oliveira, Iker Lecuona and Jorge Martin.

NOLAN has been manufacturing motorcycle helmets in Italy for half a century. Through its historic partnership with Lexan, the brand designed a high-quality plastic helmets for riders and also Carbon fiber Helmets. The company never compromises on safety, and complies with all current standards.

SEGURA : Established in 1967 by and for professional track racers, The company designs high-quality attire for motorcycle devotees with the aim of ensuring the highest levels of performance, style, fun and elegance. Segura has equipped big names such as Jacques Bolle, Eric Offenstadt, Patrick Plisson, Olivier Chevallier, Jean-Louis Tournadre, Patrick Pons and Christian Sarron.

BERING : For over 30 years, BERING has combined safety, comfort and style to offer innovative equipment with unique technical features, designed to enable all of its customers to fully live their passion irrespective of their level, be it novice, experienced or professional. The brand’s thoughtful approach shines through in products such as the magnetic zipper. With the widest range on the market, BERING knows how to meet the expectations of the most demanding riders, who rely on their equipment to keep them safe and dry.

CAIRN SPORT : From winter sports to cycling, the brand designs high-quality equipment and technical innovations adapted to all practices, for competitors and amateurs alike. Its competitive position makes it the French leader in winter sports, while its expertise in the cycling sector increases with each passing day.

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